5 Ways the ArtissIn Locker can Change Your Bedroom

Finding cute and functional storage for your bedroom is not always an easy task. Luckily, ArtissIn has you covered. Our ArtissIn lockers make a great cabinet storage option for the bedroom. They are colourful, flexible and full of space so you’ll never be missing the essentials. You might be thinking…lockers? How industrial; why would I want to relive the high school experience? But just wait – you’ll be surprised by what you can do with our ArtissIn collection.

What’s so great about ArtissIn lockers?

  •   Made from quality, cold-rolled steel for a smooth look and feel.
  •   Smooth and easy to clean.
  •   Adjustable shelves and generous space for all your household goods.
  •   Variety of models and colours to suit every style, every room, and every home.

You can see the quality for yourself in our collections. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a storage solution for that! Here are five ways you can use our ArtissIn lockers in your bedroom:

The linen closet

The most obvious application, an ArtissIn Base Metal Locker is the perfect shape and size to place your extra cushions, blankets, sheets and quilts. It’s subtle and out of the way, while also being functional.

The bedside table

The ArtissIn Mini Locker is perfect for all your bedside table needs. Put a lamp, clock or trinket tray on top and keep your bedtime reading, sleep aids and reading glasses nearby. A stylish statement piece that holds all your essentials? Too easy! 

The tech hub

Use one of our ArtissIn Double Mesh Lockers to store your consoles - the mesh ensures you can see your pieces in all their glory while the airflow will help prevent overheating. With a neat cable management system, you don’t have to move your electronics, whether they are chargers or consoles. You can even charge your phone (or any device) using the cable management hole in the back. 

The hobby house

Our ArtissIn double cabinet or sweetheart lockers are perfect for storing your most prized possessions. Not only can you keep your hobby-specific materials all in one place, but you can also lock them away for safekeeping in case of curious fingers or wandering guests. 

Family values

Need somewhere to store the family photo albums but don’t want them confined to the garage or a hidden cupboard? We’ve got you covered. Use the base model to double as a side table or buffet or use the double mesh model to ensure you know where they are at all times and keep air circulating to prevent musty smells.

Custom paradise

What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t want to decorate their locker? Use an array of magnets or other sticky accessories to truly turn the locker into your own, because what could show off your style more than something you designed? 

No matter how you use your ArtissIn locker, you must admit its charm, versatility and affordable price make it an ideal choice. See it and our other products for yourself by visiting our website: you’ll be impressed by the quality build and fast, hassle-free shipping! Order yours today from one of our partnered retailers!