6 Reasons you need the Mushroom Coffee Table

Your space should match your personality, and nothing is more personable than our Mushroom Coffee Table range. Not convinced by the look alone? Here’s six reasons why you need the ArtissIn Mushroom Coffee Table in your home!

It holds everything you need!

With a wide 50cm diameter for our small models and 70cm diameter for our regular models, the table will fit everything you need in arms reach, whether it’s your coffee, your book, your magazine, or your gorgeous décor…in fact, it will fit all of them! All the space you could ever need, one small table.

Wide range of colours

We’ve chosen shades that are timeless, stylish, and subtle. With six delightful colours to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your style.

Use both models for cohesive design

Use both a small and a large model to embrace the look and feel of nesting tables. Or, use our large model as a coffee table and small models for bedside tables. As we all know, the more that matches, the better!

Easy to maintain

Made of PP plastic, the tables don’t hold on to dirt and grime like other materials. Most of the time, they can be cleaned with just a slightly damp cloth. For more stubborn stains, cleaning with neutral cleaning products or a mix of bicarbonate soda and dishwashing liquid. They can even be used outside!


The smooth concave lip of the table means everything stays where it is: no coffee dripping on the floor, no accidental swiping of books off the table, and no intimidating clean-up. Speaking of which…

Perfect for children

Contained spills, no sharp edges, easy to clean materials and an ideal height make this table great for kids, which the aesthetics make it the perfect statement peace for adults. Whether you use these in the kids playroom or the family lounge, you’ll never have to compromise practicality over style again.

Versatile, practical and family-friendly…our Mushroom Coffee Table are all that and more! Check out our range online today!