8 Ways to embrace winter in your home

Now that winter is settling upon us, it’s time to grab your blankets, get a cup of tea and get ready for a few months of warm, comfy living. Since we’re already staying inside, now is a great time to consider redecorating!

Bring the outdoors to you.

It may not feel like the best place to be right now, but we all need that touch of the outside. There are plenty of winter flowers you can use to decorate such as lavender, fairy primrose, winter rose and polyanthus. Make use of local winter produce to decorate your kitchen (like root vegetables and citrus fruits). If you don’t like the idea (or the price) of using real produce, feel free to embrace the faux flora – it will stay evergreen all year round and can be swapped out without hassle!

Warm tones to warm hearts.

Speaking of the Earth, it’s the season for earthly, warm tones. Browns, deep reds and oranges are all the rage, but gorgeous greens, blues and greys are also all the rage. The latest trends are pointing to colours that are uplifting, energizing, and bolder than previous years, though still maintaining an air of refined restraint.

Take advantage of the colour of the year.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year is always an exciting reveal, and this year’s colour is the perfect cure for winter blues. Very Peri (17-3938) is described as courageous and encourages personal inventiveness and creativity. This is the perfect colour for your bedroom, lounge room, home office, craft nook, or anywhere you want a splash of colour. Use it in your textiles, your trim, on the walls or floors…wherever your heart desires!

Artisanal flair.

Winter can seem like a cold and inert season, but it is actually a season of bustling activity. If you’re stuck inside, you’re likely to catch the creative bug and feel the need to make, whether it’s bread, jewellery, cakes, carpentry, or cheese. Your interior should reflect your newfound artisanal flair! Thanks to the internet, you can source artisanal pieces from anywhere, at the touch of a button. Artisanal furniture is usually made from raw, natural materials, which makes it the perfect match for your winter wonderland. It comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose exactly the right fit for your home. Plus, there are lots of second-hand pieces waiting to be rehomed, repurposed or refurbished to satisfy your creative itch.

Nordic feel.

If the DIY lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you, or you have more of a minimalist style, Nordic design is right for you. It’s no wonder this kind of furniture works so well in winter – Nordic countries are known for their cold temperatures! While it borrows a lot from Mid-century modern, Nordic style is light and airy, leaving you with a lovely positively charged space designed not only for the climate, but your ultimate comfort.

Layers and textures.

It’s time to bring out the blankets! Winter is all about layering, so you should pull out all the stops to build the perfect winter nest. Pillows, blankets and throws, oh my! For the ultimate feast for the senses, you should layer different textiles to create not only a more interesting space, but a more comfortable one:

  • Use a breathable, moisture-wicking layer as the base
  • Use a breathable but heat-trapping middle layer.
  • Put your most resistant layer on top to truly keep out the cold.

Don’t forget about your floors and curtains! Winter is an excellent time to swap out your wispy summer curtains for insulating drapes, and cool floorboards for a soft shag rug.

Make it bright!

If there’s one thing we really miss in winter, it’s light. It’s important to lift your spirits while you’re trapped inside, so make the most of your lights! Use warm lights to make sure everything is illuminated (but not sharp) while you’re going about your day, then use targeted, cool lights for important areas like the bathroom sink, your workspace, statement pieces, whatever you need! Do you have a stock of nice candles? It’s time to use them to create a cosy, intimate vibe and light up any dark corners. Above all, maximise the natural light coming into your home. Keep your curtains open during the day where you can, and you will feel the benefits.

Embrace the fireplace.

There’s something very atmospheric about a fireplace, especially over the winter season. These days, you can get a variety of easy-to-use fireplaces that match any home style. You can opt for a traditional wood fireplace, or you can get the same warmth and atmosphere from a gas or electric model. If you don’t care for the heat but still want the look, you can even get quality fake fireplaces to simulate the flame without the fire hazard.

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