An Italian Icon: A closer look at the Boby trolley

When you think of art, your first thought may not go to home storage. At ArtissIn, we like to look at both, hence why we are so excited to be bringing you a special piece of Italian design history; the replica Boby Trolley.

The Boby Trolley is the masterpiece of Joe Cesare Colombo, a man who left an incredible imprint on the worlds of design and industrial engineering. He was born in 1930 and spent his first 20 years in the pursuit of art and sculpture studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti and, while there, joining the thought provoking, box-breaking Movimento Nucleare. His first foray into design came in 1953, when he was asked to create a decorative ceiling for a Milan jazz club, and it quickly snowballed into an incredibly prolific career.

Colombo used his family factory to experiment with new ways of production as well as newly developed materials (fibreglass, PVC, ABS and polyethylene to name a few). His vision: to create furniture that was for everyone, in affordability and accessibility. He wanted to make furniture that was flexible and mobile to reflect a fast-growing world.

You may recognise some of his other iconic works, such as the Elda Armchair (1963), the Ragno outdoor light and seat (1964), the Universale chair (1965) and the modular Additional Living System. Sadly, he passed away in 1971 at 41 years old, but his legacy lives on in his timeless pieces.

To quote this article by Sam Reiss at GQ, the Boby Trolley “spans the gulf between wanting good furniture and owning some”. It has been produced continuously since its introduction – first by the company Bieffeplast and then by B-Line as of 1999. As a result, even though vintage models will still cost a pretty penny, the differences between new and older models are small at best. Unlike many other vintage pieces experiencing a modern resurgence, they do still make the Boby like they used to!

Our replica Boby Trolley retains the original look while providing some quality-of-life updates. It features four generously sized drawers above a large open shelf, six small storage spaces, and a compartmentalised top. It has an amazing retro vintage look and comes in six neutral, solid colours to suit any décor. If you’re partial to Scandinavian, modern, contemporary or art deco design, the Boby is the perfect choice for you!

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