Choosing furniture for your kids

Change is stressful enough as it is, let alone when you’re a child. Whether you’re moving to a new home or simply moving on from tired old furniture, choosing the right pieces for your child may be a difficult task. Because it’s not just about furniture – it’s about your child’s development, their growing needs, and their blooming desire for independence. If you’re struggling with choosing the right furniture for your child, we have a few tips for you!

Your absolute first concern should be safety. Sharp edges, slippery surfaces, and cheap flaky materials are a no no. Children are chaotic beasts that will destroy their room like a mini Godzilla attacking Tokyo unless it’s durable, sturdy, and perhaps chew-friendly.

Every piece of furniture in their room should be versatile as well as functional. Think loft beds that you can put a desk under, beds that can be repurposed into couches, storage options that can be added to or stacked, or anything that has hidden storage. Don’t forget though – your furniture needs to be child sized too! If your bookcases are hitting the ceiling, it might be time to rethink the renovation plans.

Think about the future. Kids grow quickly! The best furniture is the kind that can grow with your kid, whether aesthetically (like pieces that unisex and appealing to both adults and children) or functionally (like adjustable shelves, desks and chairs).

Keep mess in mind! A pure white shaggy carpet looks beautiful on paper, but imagine how it will look after a long day running around in the mud, or after the first time (because there will be many!) they drop a glass of pink lemonade on it. Choose furniture that is easy to clean, both in shape and in materials, and unless your child is an angel when it comes to keeping clean…maybe stay away from the white for a while!

Ask you children about what furniture they want. Get them involved in the process. Choose a theme with them that they are excited about. Show them interior magazines so they can point out things they like. Ask them what they need – do they want more space for toys, or a bigger bookcase? Take them shopping with you, let them try out any demonstration models, and make the process fun! The more excited they are about their new room, the better the transition will be and the more likely they are to use, and take care of, what they have. Don’t forget – it’s their space too!

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