Redecorate with stuff you already have

Reduce, reuse and recycle: How to redecorate with stuff you already have.


Your first step should be a simple rearrangement. We can get so used to things being in one place, we become blind to them and their unique beauty. Draw up a rough floorplan of your room (don’t skip on the measurements!) and start imagining what your perfect arrangement would be. For some extra design flexibility, cut out shapes for your existing furniture (again – measure first and cut to scale!) and move them around the blueprint as you please. There’s also a wide variety of floor planning and 3D/AR software you can use to help visualise your new space. If you need some inspiration, check out this blog on making organised zones in your open plan home.

“Shop your home”

Time to empty all your cupboards and pull out all those souvenirs, art pieces and gifts that you swore you would put on display and then just…forgot about. Let’s face it, we all have at least one of these:

  • That old poster you put on your bedroom door of your favourite concert/movie/inspirational quote/cute animal playing an instrument.
  • That gift from an ex that was too gaudy to put out but too expensive to throw away (they were so excited about it too!)
  • That vase, the wedding gift from your in-laws.
  • The toys that your child was obsessed with for three days then you had to clean it up and they never asked about it again.
  • That artwork you randomly won at an auction that you swear is “worth thousands” and will “only increase in value” but you don’t really know if you like it.

Time heals all things, including matters of taste. Maybe one of these hidden gems will be a jumping point for your new style. Or maybe you’ll finally decide to get rid of them. Either way, you can have a fun afternoon pretending you’re at the world’s smallest Ikea, and you’ll have made progress towards change.


For all the arts and crafts fans out there, this is the perfect opportunity for a little DIY. The easiest place to start is your textiles: old bed sheets can be turned into works of art, or you can turn all your old graphic/band tees into a lovely personalised quilt. If you’re really dedicated, you can learn how to re-upholster your own furniture, or embrace principles of visible mending or kintsugi and make something beautiful out of something broken.

Display ordinary objects

Why keep your favourite tea set hiding in a cupboard? Display it front and centre and celebrate the beauty of normality. Hang your pots and pans instead of stacking them. Free up bench space by replacing a knife block with a magnetic strip. Make a collection of similarly coloured objects and create a striking display. Open your mind to the possibilities!

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Oops, you caught us!

Even if you’ve gone through your entire house, sometimes the urge to completely redecorate from 0 is just too strong. When the shopping bug hits, ArtissIn will be here to provide you with furniture that is not only practical, but modern, artistic, and flexible for whatever lifestyle you lead. Check out our collection of quirky and colourful pieces today!