Turn your home into an art gallery

Your home is the heart of everything you do, so it’s no wonder you want to decorate it in a way that reflects the inner you. If you’re a creative type, it’s no surprise you’d want to fill your entire home with art. But, also like creative types, your display style may be a little chaotic. Want to make your own personal art gallery but struggling with the specifics? Here are some easy ways to make your home into the personal art gallery you always dreamed of!

Embrace the white wall!

White is not just minimalistic (the perfect empty canvas!) but it gives you a real sense of space. It will make your room look larger and allow your pieces to really pop, especially if they’re brightly coloured.

Embrace thrifting!

You don’t need hundreds of dollars to find cool pieces of art. Check out your local op-shop, vintage market or garage sale that really screams YOU! If you’re feeling very creative, you can up-cycle a painting by adding your own style to it or updating the frame. Check out some of these great ideas from Curbly for inspiration!

Embrace lighting!

The perfect lighting will make or break any mood, so make sure you’re putting your pieces in the spotlight! Use lamps or downlights to really highlight the art: for best results, point your light at a 30° angle towards the centre of the work so that it shines in the centre and beams across the piece. Just make sure you choose bulbs that won’t damage it over time, like LED or UV-filter bulbs. Also be careful when placing pieces near a window – some artworks may fade over time from sun-bleaching, so keep them away from the UV rays!

Embrace space!

Be careful not to crowd your pieces. You don’t want them all pooled into a single corner, they need space to breathe! Evenly space out your pieces and be conscious of visual clutter…unless of course that’s your thing, in which case you’ll want a solid plan before you hang and several rulers. Don’t just hang your photos at eye level either; make use of the whole wall.

Embrace zones!

Display your art in specific zones to give your collection a sense of cohesion. Order however you like, whether it’s by colour, feelings evoked, time purchased or ‘just vibes’. Match your pieces to already existing zones in your house.

Embrace triptychs!

It sounds like a cryptid monster, but it’s a work that comes in a set of three. Spread them across a space for a unique statement wall or spread them across the house to maintain a theme. The more the merrier!

Embrace the party!

Once you’ve decorated, flaunt your home like it deserves! Throw a gallery viewing and make a lovely soiree out of it with your family and friends. Go all out in your fanciest dresses and your easiest-to-make-in-bulk canapes. You never know, you might learn a thing or two about your friend’s tastes!

Embrace the furniture!

Art is not just on a canvas or in a sculpture. Talk to any interior designer and they’ll tell you furniture is as much an artform as it is practical. Perhaps it uses a unique colour combination, or features unique design, but there are plenty of ways to add art to your home through your furniture.

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