Who We Are

Does your space look dull and boring? No matter what style you are going for - simple or minimalist, your home doesn’t have to be bland or mundane.

Looking for ways to transform your ordinary and plain-looking space into a happy-happy one? Then, don’t go anywhere. Stay with us.

We are here for a reason. To make your home exciting by adding a dash of colour. Nothing overwhelming! But enough to reflect your personality and make your home appear as vibrant as you are…

ArtissIn, a sub-brand of Artiss, is an Australian business operating in Melbourne, having its own distinct style and character. We are dedicated to providing you with playful, artistic statement furniture pieces that are contemporary, practical, stylish and versatile. We embrace three primary values: providing a better quality of life, exceptional quality artistic furniture pieces, and without a hefty price tag.

Our product offering includes a wide range of products, including functional lockers and cabinets, contemporary design coffee tables, artistic outdoor chairs, and one-of-a-kind stool sets. Considering your modern hectic lifestyle, our carefully selected unique pieces are a perfect balance of art and aesthetics and sure to give your favourite space an instant lift with minimal time and effort.

Our products are available in several colours, so style the way you want and achieve your dream décor.

Stay artistic. Stay in. That is what is ArtissIn!